Monday, July 31, 2023

July Was a Summer Sizzler

July has been quite uneventful, as in a "no news is good news" sort of way. I water a few plants in the flowerbeds every day to keep them alive. My favorite is the basil, and it is so bushy that I cut it for a little vase on the window sill. 

Basil in vase

Basil, with dill on left, parsley on right
The mama ginger cat I trapped and had spayed and released back in my yard appears and disappears every few days along with only one little black kitten. She comes for food but won't get too close, and the kitten definitely won't. They listen for the garage door to open and the food bowl to be put down, eat and then go hide again. 

Time for breakfast

A sudden storm (wind with very little rain) brought down a big limb on the fence on the east side of the house. Here's a view of the limb caught on the wooden fence.  

Taken from back yard side of fence

Taken from front yard side of fence
Linda finished and hung my 12" square barn quilt signs on my mailbox. My driveway is not on the front of my house and it's a little confusing to give directions. But these beautiful signs should help. Thanks, Linda!
Ohio Star on one side

Dutchman's Puzzle on the other side
Maybe I'll make more art in August. Maybe.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Some July Art

Taking down the FestivalFibers exhibit seemed a good time to rotate some artwork on my walls. Silk with Stitches is in the LR where Elizabeth is usually hung. Twisted Tree II is a favorite along with the Stitched Lemons. I made a second Burlap Linen Flower but quilted in opposite places than the first one. 

Burlap Linen Flower I
Quilted in petals
Burlap Linen Flower II
Quilted in leaves and background

Silk with Stitches

Stitched Lemons

Staying inside during this punishing heat with near 100 degree temps allowed time to finish three Pine Belt Quilters community sewing projects. Two of these were pieced by others and I added the quilting and binding on all three. I see that Elizabeth made a few biscuits on the batting while it was out on the table. Then just for fun I made a few more pieces of postcard art.

I'm glad this batting was going to be cut away.

Even with the heat wave, my hosta, coleus, and basil plants are happy as long as I keep them watered. I should cook more dishes requiring basil.

Hosta blooming

Coleus, with vinca and begonia

Basil, with dill (lower L) and parsley (lower R)

Saturday, July 15, 2023

July, After FestivalSouth2023

I offer sincere thanks to all who came to my FestivalFibers exhibit during FestivalSouth2023, June 3-30. I was asked to keep my exhibit up for an additional week, through the end of June. This allowed for several more visitors and my chance to meet with people to describe and explain the works. The winning bidder on Prelude came to take pictures in the Downey Gallery. I was especially honored that Mississippi Arts Commission's David Lewis (Executive Director), Maria Zeringue (Folk & Traditional Arts Director), and Kristen Brandt (Arts Industry Director) met me at the exhibit for a tour. Three pieces found new homes, and the others are back on my walls or in my closet. 

Taking down the exhibit

The guest book
Meanwhile, life at home has been chock-full of adventures. A ginger mama cat and her four kittens (two ginger and two black) moved in under my shop building and I agonized over what to do about them, finally deciding to trap and get the kittens to Southern Pines Animal Shelter for fostering and adopting. When I trapped the mama cat I had her spayed and brought back to my yard. She can live outside but Elizabeth makes it clear that she is not welcome in the house. 

Elizabeth will not tolerate any new cats in the house,
watches the yard from her cat tree

Cello player Ameni Zouehid, my houseguest 

My meager but delicious cherry tomatoes

Storm broke section of a huge tree
No damage to the house, but close

Broken tree was red maple (also called swamp maple) 

House wren built a nest on a shelf in my garage 
Five baby birds 

Ready for takeoff