Saturday, February 19, 2022

Busy February

 My plants are still having to stay in the garage because of occasional freezing nights, but the geraniums don't seem to mind. The white one is blooming now. My yard is still totally covered in pine straw and leaves, but until the frequent rains stop and it is time to think about spring flowers, it's no problem.

I celebrated Valentine's Day by enjoying some sweet red bell peppers, saying these were preferable to chocolate, which bought on several negative comments from friends. 

My unexpected scare over Valentine's Day was brought on when Rahrah was inadvertently left outside overnight. She was gone until about midnight the next night when she was on the front porch with no explanation about where she had been. I know she was curled up asleep somewhere all that day when I was worried and looking and calling for her. 

I finished the three pieces I was working on for a SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) call for entry. These are 15" x 45" quilted pieces based on the colors from three of the color cards from Joen Wolfrom's 3-in-1 Color Tool. My cards were #2 Chartreuse, #21 Orange, and #10 Violet.

Chartreuse Springs Forth


Outrageous Orange


Violent Violet

I finished another large stitched picture, Yellow Zinnia. It is 19" sq. pinned to foam core before framing.
Yellow Zinnia, 19" x 19"
Here are the first two, a lavender zinnia and a rosy zinnia. I have an orange zinnia on the machine. 
Lavender Zinnia, 19"x 19"

Rosy Zinnia, 19" x 19"
My favorite bread store, a Breadsmith franchise, has closed and I'm not aware of any other whole wheat bread as delicious and healthy as what I had been getting there, so I'll be searching for a substitute. This seems like a good excuse to try a few new recipes.