Saturday, November 30, 2019

November's End and Fall Leaves

Leaves everywhere! More on the ground than in the trees. But it's kind of a beautiful carpet. On Thanksgiving Day at my mom's house when the kitchen was too full of people helping, I used to take a walk and gather leaves to bring back to decorate the tables. I have enjoyed this display of artificial pumpkins this year, with dried seed pods around them. I treasure the cloth one with the wooden stem, made by Susan Carlson's mother, Oma, a reminder of my October 2017 class in Portland, ME.
The cutwork felt banners have been displayed at my church--University Baptist--this month as a beautiful fall reminder of our blessings.

This turkey cookie jar has been in my kitchen since my children were small. Its value is precious though not monetary.
 The pilgrim dolls didn't make it out of the cabinet shelf this year. They go way back, like the cookie jar.
These are real leaves, painted and framed, which I enjoy in my entryway all the time. I was helping Ruby Walker clean out her art studio many years ago and she was throwing these away and I asked if I could have them. She said, "They're dead leaves that my students have been painting, Martha." I said, yes, I know, but I want to paint them--literally paint them." They are on a fabric background.

I finished the Ireland Street piece; also quilted Improv Zebras, then made some fabric postcards. Cleaning up and sorting strips brings on postcard making. These are so much fun and make people happy to receive them.

 Another way I make people happy is getting my hair dyed with blue and purple streaks again! I hear every day "I love your hair!" One guy walked up to me asking, "Can I take your picture? I'm sending this to my wife." As he left I thought, "I should have asked him if he was saying "Hey, honey, this is a neat idea." OR "Hey, honey, I'd leave you if you did this." Anyway, it brought me and my friends chuckles. Tarbaby doesn't care what color my hair is, as long as he can drape himself on my shoulder.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

November Thankfulness--Music and Acorns

More November happenings--When it's cold outside, my studio becomes an even happier place. The Artful Log Cabin process is so much fun that it has become addictive. The Black Swallowtail piece is quilted and finished. It takes lots of cut strips in specific colors, which results in the impulse to cut strips from every piece of fabric I have on hand. I made a second quilt using a photo I took in Ireland as inspiration.

Black Swallowtail, finished, 34" x 27"

During the free-motion quilting process

Black satin for depth of color
Detail of quilting
Elizabeth insisted on helping

Jackie Watkins, me, Dianne McLendon showing our ALCs

Another Artful Log Cabin, Ireland Street, 26" x 18", ready for edge finishing

Ireland street photo used as inspiration
Fall leaves are on the ground everywhere. My yard is covered in sticks, leaves, and pine straw. But I found these interesting acorns in downtown Hattiesburg in front of Jackie Dole Sherrill Community Center. A friend suggested the tree might be a water oak.
Huge acorns looking like chocolate truffles

 My dear friends Alejandro Junco and Marlene Gentile won first place in the USM Honors String Honors Chamber Recital last week. These talented students thrill us with their playing. Alejandro performed his Master's recital two days before, and I can't imagine the hours of practice this entailed. These honors chamber recitals are a gift to Hattiesburg. Thanks to all the professors and students who share their talents with us!
Alejandro Junco and Marlene Gentile 
I have also been working on a child's quilt with these colorful fabrics. Enlarge to see detail of the creatures and objects. Could a kid be expected to sleep under these wild things?

Saturday, November 2, 2019

November Happenings

Temperature was 35 degrees this morning! Sticks and limbs all over the yard from rainstorm, but it's good to have fall weather.
My Black Swallowtail Butterfly piece (started in KatiePM Artful Log Cabin class) is finished and ready for facing. The Improv Zebra piece is ready for quilting and facing.
Black Swallowtail Butterfly (top done)
Photo Inspiration
 My quilt guild, Pine Belt Quilters, enjoyed hosting the Mississippi Quilt Association Fall Gathering last weekend, in spite of two days of steady rain, wind, and street flooding. Our theme was Log Cabin Quilts, and we had a beautiful display of quilts, including some Quilts of Valor and Outstanding Quilters' works. It was neat to honor these quilters and see a representative sample of their work.
Joan Alliston Introducing Cynthia Bates (PBQ raffle quilt Home Tweet Home on stage)

Linda Ginn presenting "Why Did I Buy THAT Fabric?"
One of my favorite things about October is getting to attend Brown Bag Concerts Thursdays at noon, sponsored by the Hattiesburg Arts Council. The music is always good, lunch delicious, weather perfect. This year there was a precious little scene stealer at every concert. Here he is entertaining Rebekah Stark Johnson while moving to the music.

Brown Bag Concert
    I've had plumbing repairs going on and still need to get washer overflow damage taken care of. Amazing how a little water overflowing where it shouldn't can go undetected for weeks!
I couldn't resist taking this picture

Water damage to wall
    I had an exciting nature event when a baby squirrel appeared on my driveway with a bloody nose, apparently having fallen out of a tall pine tree. He seemed alert and okay until I noticed he was dragging his right back leg. After I let Elizabeth sniff him, I put him in a box, wrapped in an old tee-shirt where he slept all day. A phone call to Central Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation resulted in his being picked up and taken to Picayune where a rehabber is taking care of him. I didn't even know we had people like this. She bottle feeds him until he can be released if his leg is okay.
Elizabeth checks out Baby Squirrel
I enjoyed seeing a dear friend from Japan as she traveled on business to the United States. She visited USM friends and had lunch at Patio 44 with Linda and me.
Chie and me at Patio 44