Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Happenings

Interesting things happen in the yard when we're not looking. These huge mushrooms are growing around the edge of a cut tree stump. I thought it fascinating how a little twig was captured as the mushroom grew. Although I have lots of heavy ground cover where snakes might hide, I would just as soon not have them shed their skin in my flowerbed. This one was about 36" long.

The basil produced such a healthy crop this year that I began cutting twigs for flower vases. I made a good batch of pesto sauce to enjoy for some time.
I enjoyed a visit from my son and daughter-in-law this summer, and my friend Yijuan Yin gave them one of her Chinese ink paintings.
Later, granddaughter Brittney visited with her family. Tanner and Kylee Jo had a good time trying out the Sweet Sixteen machine, while Knox created a "fabric sandwich" from a scrap he put between two pieces of bread. Luckily, he just carried it around without trying to eat it.

I enjoyed helping create a Sensory Garden for special needs students at Thames Elementary School with several of my University Baptist Church friends. Karen Walker and Lida McDowell and I worked on decorating posts with tennis balls (cut in half and tied onto the posts) and adding streamers of ribbon and zippers and other materials the children could touch and feel. Thanks to Camille Soulier for donating the used tennis balls!
Every time I sit in the recliner a cat immediately comes to keep me company. It is a rare occurrence that they will share the space with each other, and it makes for quite a warm lap. Here Tarbaby is letting Rahrah bathe his head while Elizabeth sleeps soundly.