Monday, May 21, 2012

Quick Draw for Kids a Huge Success

The Quick Draw was an exciting and fun afternoon, and the Jimmy Buffett music by the Lloyd "Hurricane" Munn band was awesome!
We had 28 artists positioned on both floors of the Bottling Company, and the large windows provided good lighting. Two tables were set with barbeque beef brisket, shrimp & grits, salads, and fresh fruit, and the Hattiesburgers in Paradise (the local parrotheads) were gracious and helpful hosts and hostesses.
Trimming to size

Finished, framed 11 x 14

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quick Draw for Kids

     I will be one of about 30 artists at a Quick Draw event on May 20 at the Bottling Company in Downtown Hattiesburg. As the flyer says, there will be food, music, fun, and art. I will be the only one using a sewing machine and thread for my "drawing/painting" supplies.
     The artists will get set up and ready to create. When the bell sounds, we will have one hour to complete our piece, then 15 minutes to frame or otherwise get it ready to sell. Attendees will enjoy the food and music as they walk around and watch the artists in this 100+ year old building that formerly housed the Coca Cola Bottling Company. It has been remodeled into a restaurant/music club with a large balcony overlooking the large lower floor. Pieces will be live auctioned to the highest bidder as a fund raiser for the South Mississippi Children's Center.
     There will be other artwork on display for sale, also. The event is co-sponsored by South Mississippi Art Association and Hattiesburgers in Paradise. Music by Lloyd "Hurricane" Munn and the Forecasters.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blueberries Getting Ripe!

The blueberries are getting ripe! I love the changing colors, from light green to pale pink to light blue and then dark blue. Soon there will be clusters of all dark blue berries. But for now, it's fun to pick and eat the ripe ones as I walk up the driveway to the mailbox.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bigboy--Some Cat!

Enjoying being brushed
Bigboy loves to sit in my lap and be brushed, and this removes some loose hair; he still has plenty left, though. When I sit at the computer and he is ready for me to be finished, he stretches out on the table beside the keyboard and waits for me. 
Keeping me company at the computer
"Oh boy, it's finally bedtime."

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where Do Bumblebees Nest?

I had never wondered about this, and learned it quite accidentally. I know bumblebees are useful and desired for pollinating flowers and crops and that we don't have enough honeybees. I had even thought bumblebees were clumsy and slow and that they didn't sting. Wrong. Not only can they sting but don't die from the sting. They are not as aggressive as honeybees, but will sting if protecting their nest.
     While checking a bluebird nest box, I discovered a strange collection of dead leaves and fluffy fibers which I knew weren't the leftovers of a neat bluebird and was about to pull it out and clean the nest to get it ready for a new family. When I touched the top material a couple of bumblebees crawled out and flew past me, one touching my lip and another my arm. More seemed to be appearing and I thought I'd better move away. Then I realized the two places they "touched" were stinging like crazy.
    The next day I decided to try to close the door of the box to protect the bumblebees, and when I touched the door and began to close it, a buzzing sound seemed to announce, "She's back!" Two more bees popped me before I could get away. So, I guess they didn't appreciate my help or interference.
     My trusty fire ant bite remedy relieved the intense stinging in a very few minutes.My mom was given this recipe years ago by an exterminator:

     25 aspirin, crushed
     Add to 1 pint bottle of rubbing alcohol
     Add 1-1/2 oz. spirits of camphor
It works like a miracle and I'm never without it.