Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where Did January Go?

Silk scarves with ColorHue dye

Dy-Na-Flo paints on white silk (piece in progress)
Leftover silk pieces glued to folded cards for stationery

Wow...January is almost over and I wonder where it went. I have been playing with dyes, Dy-na-Flo paints on silk and then Colorhue Dyes for silk scarves. The black one has Shiva Paintstiks added rather than dyes.
     Then there was the decision to remove some carpet and cover four rooms with new wood-look laminate. This involved quite a bit of thinking, mental rearranging, and then staying out of the way......
Hallway with storage for fabric
 The cat has to get used to his toeneails clicking down a slick hallway instead of sounding like thunder rolling along the carpet.
Living room half finished
Studio will be next, and the flooring guy says laying the floor will be easier than my unloading all the bookcases and other storage areas. I believe he is right.