Saturday, September 30, 2023

September is Done

How welcome that first day of fall was! We're having some mornings that are cool enough for coffee on the front porch. 

Elizabeth, My Almost Perfect Cat gave me a real scare with a UTI for several days and spent a week at the kitty hospital. She is home again and happily climbing to the top of her cat tree as well as watching for the orange outside cat through the window. Rahrah is spending a little time on her new scratching post--when it is on its side.

Elizabeth on her cat tree after two weeks

She growls at the orange outside cat

Rahrah trying out her scratching post with a little catnip enticement
On the quilting front, I finished quilting a donation quilt featuring duck hunting scenes. 

Then I finished four small exchange pieces for my Southern Fiber Artists group. These are 8" x 10".  I was running late for June, July, August, and September, so it feels good to catch up.

A real leaf, preserve with gel medium

Leaf printing 

Stitching added to this crab

Weaving technique with horses

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

September Happenings and Owen's Frog

It is exciting when we are teased with a slight break in the extreme summer heat, especially when a little rain returns after a month. My purple face is almost back to normal color from my fall three weeks ago and I've been cleared by my eye doctor and dentist. Now to just avoid little curbs and uneven places. Linda reminds me "Eyes on Path." 

Cats are not the only things with nine lives around my house. I admit to letting the carrots burn to a crisp and managing to get the pot clean. But this mishap with a can of hairspray was a surprise event that I had nothing to do with. The spray looked like a candle that had melted and dripped down the side.

Carrots burned to a crisp

Pot clean and shining

Hairspray acting like a candle

My good friend Virginia McGee Butler took her nine-year-old grandson to see my Festival Fibers exhibit during Festival South in June. He is very artistic and enjoyed the quilted art pieces. She shared a photo of his frog drawing later, and I enjoyed depicting Owen's Frog in fabric.

Owen's Frog Drawing

Owen's Frog Quilt
As expected, the cats have ignored the new scratching post for a month. I have tried dangling ribbon from the top with little success, but there is still hope. Meanwhile Rahrah prefers door facings.  


Elizabeth waiting for me in the bedroom

Outdoor kitty enjoying her meals in the garage