Sunday, January 29, 2023

Quiltfolk Photoshoot

What an exciting day I had last week when the Quiltfolk photoshoot team and a writer visited Hattiesburg to prepare for Issue #26 featuring Mississippi. Quiltfolk is a print-only ad-free magazine published quarterly highlighting a new state in every issue. Issue #26 will be out in April; subscription and coupon codes are on their website. 

While the team worked to stage the quilts they wanted to photograph, I enjoyed capturing interesting behind-the-scenes shots. Trevor and Azuree (photographers) and Sharbreon (writer) were delightful!

The cats had a great time with extra people in the house. Rahrah did not miss anything and had to be removed often. Elizabeth was content to get comfortable and watch. Trevor had to use the lint roller for his dark jacket.

Friday, January 27, 2023

The Cat Tree - Part 2

Finally, after about a month, the cats are becoming curious enough to climb on the cat tree. I moved  the little red table (that Elizabeth used to spend lots of time overseeing the back yard) beside it, also tried putting treats on the shelves. Rahrah doesn't like the treats, but finally decided to investigate the upper platforms. Elizabeth is happy just playing beneath the thing. 

Brave Rahrah

Elizabeth reaching for treat from her red table

Rahrah watching Elizabeth reach for a treat

Elizabeth finding another treat

I moved the Norfolk Island Pines to the front porch, hoping it's not too early. Remember the succulent filled pumpkin I made on October 29? I may have to murder it to get rid of it.

Monday, January 23, 2023

The Cat Tree

I've been working on an important art quilt that has to stay under wraps a bit longer. Flowers aren't blooming yet and my yard is covered in pine straw and dead leaves. Several outside plants have been brought inside because of low temperatures. 

So this post is all about my cats Elizabeth and Rahrah. They're nine years old and I thought they would enjoy a cat tree from Chewy for some climbing stimulation. It came in a huge box and looked pretty complicated to construct. Luckily, Ana Maria Diaz Herrera, a dear viola doctoral student and friend, was here for Christmas break and gladly helped me. 

Cat tree box of parts

Ana Maria adding top shelf
Under construction
She also helped hang an art exhibit at the OLLI Peck House for Dana Stratton. The exhibit will be up through May 2023, with a reception Friday, February 17, at 1:00 p.m. (Later correction--exhibit will be up through summer 2023)
(Standing) Klare Lane, Karrie Pennington, Martha, Georgia Kay Carter
(Seated) Ana Maria and Dana Stratton
The cats were not interested in the tree. Elizabeth loves the big box and spends lots of time in it. Rahrah snuggles on my chest every chance she gets. Sometimes both cats manage to snuggle peacefully. 

Elizabeth in cat tree box

Elizabeth in cat tree box

Elizabeth sleeping in chair during cat tree construction


Both cats on lap

Both cats on lap