Monday, April 18, 2022

April and Springtime

Azaleas before heavy rains

I'm glad I took pictures of the blooming azaleas because these frequent and heavy rains have really beat them down and shortened their flowering season.

My croton is still alive but very straggly, so I bought a new plant and could not resist this hydrangea while waiting for my bed of them to bloom. The wisteria put on a brief but beautiful show.

New pots of croton and hydrangea

I'm pleased that all three slices of the Cinque Terre fabric collage got to be seen together at the Gulf States Quilting Association (GSQA) show April 8-9, where it won a second place ribbon in the Art-Landscape category. My section is on the left, then pieces by Rita Warnock and Cathy Reininger.
Cinque Terre at GSQA show
Working a 500-piece puzzle of the same scene was so much fun and not nearly the challenge of interpreting it in fabric. I also have a 1,000-piece puzzle that I might try after so much study of this famous photo.

Elizabeth helping 

Cinque Terre 500-piece puzzle
Music has filled my life with joy as we rehearsed and then sang a concert of 25 years of Meistersingers favorites this month. I'm looking forward to preparing the Brahms Requiem for a June 12 concert. More music enjoyment was provided by Marlene Gentile at her senior violin recital and the string quartets and quintets at USM's string honors competition. 
Marlene Gentile and Dario Martin

Alejandro Junco, Marlene Gentile, Ana Sofia Suarez, Franco Galetto
Sewing lately has consisted of making NICU isolette covers with the help of Linda Ginn, Barbara Hartley, and Linda Hudson. When I could not get either of my machines to remember how to make buttonholes to fit over the pegs, Jackie Watkins came to my rescue.