Friday, May 27, 2022

My Life in Fabric

Music is a special way of getting through some of today's sadness and horror. Words are not enough. Music is not enough, but it helps. Getting to hear music by talented University of Southern Mississippi students is a special blessing, at their recitals as requirements for their degrees and at my church in our musicians in residency program.

An unexpected event resulted from one of these friendships. Franco Galetto, a cellist from Argentina, said he and two others (video major Jesse Johnson and drama major Makallen Kelley) needed to prepare a documentary for their class and asked if I would be their subject. I am humbled by this attention but really love to talk about and share my art, so I gladly share their production. They said their professor liked it. 

Makallen Kelley, Jesse Johnson, Franco Galetto

Here is the YouTube link to their documentary:

Monday, May 23, 2022

May is a Beautiful Month

May has been a whirlwind of activity with more meetings taking place in person rather than on Zoom. Flowers are blooming and the perfect weather has been replaced by some 90 degree afternoons. I managed to get my flowerbeds planted before the heat so I can enjoy the show every day. 

Amaryllis at University Baptist Church

It has been a treat to get to hear recitals and programs by my talented orchestra friends at my church and at USM. Thursday evenings are the highlight of my week, for rehearsals for the Brahms Requiem with the Meistersingers.

Cecilia Araujo

Alejandro Junco, Marlene Gentile, Cecilia Araujo, Franco Galetto

I'm so proud of my daughter, Linda Ginn. She designed and created a "temperature quilt" tracking the high/low temperatures each day of 2021. She chose favorite colors (rather than hot/cool) and assigned them to five-degree ranges. The large label on the back shows her method and source information.
"One Day at a Time: 2021 Temperatures in
Hattiesburg, Mississippi"

The back describes the method

An awesome project!