Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Winter in Mississippi

It's the end of January, and winter in Mississippi is quite different from in other parts of the US. I have really enjoyed the beautiful snow pictures posted on Facebook by friends in places like Massachusetts (Holly Knott, for instance), where the temperature dropped to -10 degrees.
My yard shows dead orange trees (we did have some days of 16-18 degrees which killed these and the Meyer lemon tree), lots of dry leaves and pine straw carpeting the ground.
Washington Naval Orange tree

Blood Orange tree

Crotons survived (in the garage) but pitiful

Rosemary thriving--even blooming! Also parsley below it.

Nandina putting on a show of colored leaves and red berries
There has not been much quilting activity this month. It's amazing how much emotional and mental energy is required just to deal with healing and physical therapy three times a week. After seven weeks I am glad to be driving myself again and looking forward to the time I can say there's no more pain.
When I did begin to want to stitch again, I began repairing an old, well-loved quilt for a friend. It was not creative or challenging, but there was pleasure in holding a needle and thread and knowing I was giving new life to a treasured quilt a grandmother had made many years ago.
 (Click to enlarge and see the wear and age damage.)
Of course, when I was taking pictures, Tarbaby and Elizabeth thought I had spread the quilt out for them.