Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rise and Shine, Inner City in Florida

Rise and Shine, Inner City, 79 x 99

I shipped my Rise and Shine, Inner City quilt to SouthArts back in November 2012 for the exhibit The Sum of Many Parts, composed of 25 quilts by American quilters, organized by the US Embassy in Beijing. I even got to go to Beijing and Dalian for the opening of the exhibit in Dalian in April of 2013. After the exhibit toured six museums in China, Mid-America Arts Alliance picked up and extended the exhibit with 15 of the 25 quilts traveling in the U.S.
My friend Ellen Lindner, an expert quilter in Florida, sent me a photo she took while attending an exhibit at Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park, FL. I had not kept up with its schedule, so it was a happy surprise to see someone enjoying viewing my quilt! The exhibit is open September 2015 through January 19, 2016. I think my quilt is due to return home the end of April 2016.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Retreats Are Refreshing

Pronounced "tee-uh-kotta"
 Every year a group from various parts of Mississippi gathers at Lake Tiak-O'Khata near Louisville, MS, for an informal retreat. Last week was our 20th year to meet, and we have some special friendships among these quilters. We have lost some, grieved over losses, celebrated good news and grandbabies, and done lots of stitching in the three days we stay there. One of our group prepared a 10-minute CD of memories from previous years, with a copy for each of us--a real treasure.

We stay in the A-frame cabins with a large meeting room for stitching
 Some of our Show & Tell is the finished product of what we watched being stitched over many years. It is always refreshing to get with good friends and talk (and do) quilting.
Margaret Miller showed a Friendship Basket that many of us had made blocks for

Four quilters (Ollie Jean, Charlotte, Ann, and Rebecca) shared fabrics and made their own version of one pattern. Rebecca said, "Don't leave the room if you don't want to get volunteered for something."
 We bring some of our food but also enjoy the sumptuous buffet meals at the restaurant. They make awesome homemade pies and the coffee keeps coming.
Sign in the restaurant

Saturday, September 12, 2015

At the Greater Jackson Quilt Celebration

Five guilds in central Mississippi hosted the Greater Jackson Quilt Celebration September 11-13, 2015 at the Mississippi Craft Center in Ridgeland. I was proud to have three entries there, and especially delighted to receive "Best Quilt By An Individual" award.

Pathways Round Robin, 64" x 70"

High Rise received a 3rd place ribbon.
Hi Rise, 39" x 37"
Croton Leaves was also in the show.

Croton Leaves, 20" x 20"

It was a beautiful show, and Pine Belt Quilters had lots of winning quilts there. We're already looking forward to our next Pine Belt Quilters show October 7-9, 2016.

Foster Kitten Update:  I have been taking care of four little orange tabbies for Southern Pines Animal Shelter. for several weeks. Tiger was adopted last weekend. He's the darker orange with the short tail, one week older than the K brothers. Kaiser, Ken, and Keller had their snip surgery this week and went to PetSmart today for someone to fall in love with. 

Tiger stretching; Kaiser, Ken, and Keller dozing

Kaiser's sweet face
Tarbaby finally letting Kaiser eat with him
I will miss the little furballs, but it will be nice to move my car back into the garage.