Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ending 2013

I suppose we are supposed to be philosophical and reflective when we go from the end of one year to the next. Or we can elect to just keep "soldiering on" as we have been doing. Nothing wrong with that approach if we don't want to spend too much time analyzing!
I finished the quilts for my newest great-grandsons just short of their first birthdays next month. Myles and Jude are two weeks apart and live close enough to be buddies. I traveled to Dallas to see my precious family before Christmas.
Myles Jordan and his granddad Mark Ginn

Jude Baker

 The quilts are about 58" square, although the photography could be improved.
Granddaughter Christy Ginn--my iPhone expert

6-week-old foster babies Ramona, Alamo, Alice, Pixel (clockwise) in a rare still moment
Looking forward to more art quilting, good times with friends and family, and blessings during 2014! And lots of kitty love!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas 2013

In South Mississippi (60 miles from the Gulf of Mexico), we’ve had several nights of below freezing temperatures, along with beautiful sunny, cold days. No snow, no ice, no power outages--I’d say the best of winter conditions! The sasanqua bush is beautiful.

Music events, art events, Christmas parties and dinners have filled my calendar, and caring for two little foster kittens while I medicate them and socialize them for their forever homes has been a joy. I will get to visit my son and his family (including my four great-grandsons).
Visiting the Manger
Lap full of kitties

My quilt guild (Pine Belt Quilters) gave away 122 quilts yesterday to five agencies serving children and 30 larger quilts to the Mississippi Veteran’s  Home. We also filled two tables of gifts for mothers and children at the domestic abuse shelter. Seeing the generosity of my guild makes me proud to be a member. My church participates in ministering to families in need. All these activities help celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
Gifts for mothers and children

Saturday, December 7, 2013


When I talked ABOUT him, I used his name, Bigboy. But when I talked TO him, I called him Baby. I got him from the shelter three years ago as a two-year-old and fell in love with his sweet face. Roy loved him, too. He had excellent kitty manners and was my constant companion, especially enjoying sleeping on any art quilt I laid on my work table.
Bigboy had breathing difficulties two months ago caused by fluid around his lungs, which the vet drew off. When he had more symptoms, x-rays showed a mass in his chest, and more fluid was drawn, giving relief only a few days. I could not bear to think of him suffering, so had to let him go two days ago. Everyone who reads this will be reminded of a similar painful experience in their own lives. Join me in being thankful for our pets and celebrating the joy they add to our lives.