Saturday, June 12, 2010

Herbs in the Flowerbed

I love herbs almost as much as flowers, not so much for cooking as to just walk past and enjoy the fragrance. Here is my flowerbed near the driveway and garage that I walk past every time I enter or leave. From the left are a giant rosemary bush, variegated thyme, basil, parsley. Near the rosemary the light-colored plant is curry (ornamental, not for cooking) that has a delightful scent.
In the front on the right are Blue Daze (evolvulus glomerata), trailing vinca, penta, coleus, and Diamond Frost (Euphorbia). The clay pot holds an interesting blue star-shaped flower that is as beautiful as the Blue Daze (lost its name), and the white pot contains a prolific invasive weed that rewards me with green and white variegated leaves.
This is one happy rosemary bush!

I never harvest my parsley but let it grow as much as it will, hoping that a caterpillar will discover it and eat her fill and then form a chrysallis when she is ready. These make beautiful black swallowtail butterflies if the birds don't have a feast first. I try to watch for the chrysallis stage and give some protection with netting. I have even been lucky enough to see the butterfly emerge and stretch her wings before flying off. This takes more patience than I think I have nowadays, but I can try.

Variegated thyme. I am hoping it will thrive and trail down over the stones.

The basil makes a nice little bouquet when the tops need to be pinched off. It is a cheery addition to the kitchen window.