Saturday, October 19, 2013

My High School Reunion

It was a marvelous, fun-filled, nostalgic weekend. I flew from Mississippi to Corpus Christi, Texas, to attend the 60th reunion of my W B Ray High School class. Since moving away from there 40 years ago, I have only been back twice, the last time in 2004, and I admit I had forgotten how beautiful it is. Palm trees and large houses line Ocean Drive from the downtown area all the way out to the Naval Air Station.

My friend's 8th floor condo has views facing north, east, and south, and weather changes offer variety from day to day and from morning to evening. 
 We wore name tags with our names on one side and senior pictures on the other--a great help for recall. Our classmate Bill Glass (former Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns and four-time Pro-Ball star) was our inspirational speaker. He is the author of 12 books and founded Champions for Life, one of the world's largest prison ministries. He stressed the importance of telling our children (spouses or parents or friends) that they are loved.
Jannet Traylor Smith, Claire Smith Hook, Jeanette Hill Gordon
Joy Humphries, Martha Weeks Ginn, Jeanette Hill Gordon
I enjoyed some great Tex-Mex food, had delicious shrimp salad on Padre Island, and saw how much the city had grown.
Perhaps the highlight of my visit was getting to visit with my former employer, Marshall Boykin III. I went to work for his law firm as a naive young mother with good secretarial skills. He was an intelligent, honorable man who became my mentor and friend.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Color Bars

I'm still enjoying making free-form quilts. Here are three I've finished recently.

Color Bars - Yellow
30.5 x 29
Color Bars - Purple
16.5 x 10
Color Bars - Red/Black
36.5 x 22