Tuesday, December 22, 2020

December 2020

 Time marches on, "march" being a relative term for this time when one day zooms past like another. And "zoom" has taken on a new meaning when days drag by and we interact with friends remotely by Zoom and worship by Youtube. The pandemic and disruption of what we ordinarily experience really plays havoc with creativity.  

I enjoyed all the fall leaves in my yard and brought in lots of them to enjoy as a decoration or to put on cards to mail to friends. My sasanqua bush makes a carpet of soft pink on the ground every fall--a welcome sight after the riot of red, orange and yellow of the leaves covering the yard. 

Fall leaves from yard to bowl

Maidenhair Fern lives outside garage all year

Maidenhair Fern (inside garage for freezing weather)
Sasanqua bush drops a pink carpet
My persimmon tree rewards me with beautiful leaves but no fruit. Scenes from the tree often inspire artworks.

My activities have been curtailed during November and December because of hand surgery to correct carpal tunnel and to remove a ganglion cyst. But there are pleasures to enjoy--friends brought soup and treats and flowers. Nothing is better than homemade soup, and I discovered peppermint flavored hot chocolate!

Elizabeth appreciates flowers

A beautiful gift from a friend

Peppermint flavored hot chocolate!

Homemade soup
This 2020 year has been one we will never forget. Along with the hardships, we have become more aware of blessings. We all look forward to a better time with relief for those who are suffering.