Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Grand Finale for FestivalSouth

 What a marvelous finish for 2023 FestivalSouth--Iconic, a cirque rock symphonic extravaganza. Amazing acrobatic acts along with chart-topping songs from the last four decades, such as Aerosmith, Earth Wind and fire, Michael Jackson, Led Zepplin, and others. I had never even been to a rock concert, much less sung with a chorus (Meistersingers) behind an orchestra! All these pictures were taken during dress rehearsal.

Our view behind orchestra

Our view behind orchestra

Audience view

Audience view
Earlier there were nights of Broadway tunes called Spectacular Spectacular, Bee(r)thoven concert with beer and wine pairings, Odd Couples (guitar with other instruments), and coffee concerts plus other events that I missed.

Coffee Concert at T-Bones with Lauren Cate Leake

Coffee Concert at Quinlan-Hammond Hall of Honor
with Sarah Hamman and Kay Guiles

Odd Couples with Nick Ciraldo
My exhibit, FestivalFibers, has had a good reception and is being held over an additional week through the end of June, at University Baptist Church. It has been a wonderful three weeks of entertainment, and I'm already looking forward to June of 2024. Mike Lopinto and his crew put on an amazing festival in Hattiesburg. I'm so glad I live here!

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Festival South is in full swing

Every day brings more reasons to be glad I live in Hattiesburg. Many people are going to see my FestivalSouth FestivalFibers exhibit, which will be at the Downey Gallery at University Baptist Church through June 24. It is a special thrill to see my quilt Prelude on the cover of Signature Magazine's June issue.  

June Issue 
Rehearsals for the Meistersingers concert of James Mulholland's Missa Romantica and three other pieces he arranged were enjoyable. Mulholland is a Laurel native and came from his home in Indianapolis to our dress rehearsal and concert. It was a special pleasure to perform works for a composer and have him be pleased with what he heard. Dr. Joel Dunlap directed, Dr. Susan Ruggiero was the soloist, accompanied by Kathy Vail.

Joel Dunlap, Artistic Director

James Mulholland 

The Program

One of the numbers we performed was "Keramos" (the potter's clay), which is based on a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem. I constantly hear these words in my head, and love to embrace their meaning: "All that inhabit this great earth are kindred and allied by birth."

I had a great time teaching children something about quilting at one of the FestivalSouth Youth events, lined up by Jennifer Timidaiski. The kids tried their hands at a fabric collage using fusible fabrics and  scissors and a background. Each child's piece showed an amazing artistic eye! We put each piece in a white mat and plastic sleeve so they could take home their art.

He interpreted the Biloxi lighthouse

An American Landscape was presented at the historic Train Depot featuring Dr Jay Dean directing  many talented musicians. Seating was in a semi-circle, with a delightful up-close view of the orchestra.  

One of the Coffee concerts was "Celtic in Your Cup," at the OLLI building. This family trio brought us a lively time, reminiscent of Irish music.
And this is only week two, with many events still to come. Full details and schedule are at FestivalSouth.

Monday, June 5, 2023

FestivalFibers at FestivalSouth

The Invitation

My FestivalFibers exhibit opened in the Downey Gallery at University Baptist Church June 3 to a welcoming crowd. Several UBC friends prepared delicious treats for refreshments, and the Faith and the Arts Committee members took care of the gallery space arrangements. Prelude was displayed in the hallway outside the gallery. FestivalSouth 2023 events and schedule can be found here. Auction bidding is online through June 24. To bid on Prelude, click on "auction" on the site.

Here is a tour of the gallery, entering and walking around the room to the right. 

Prelude, quilt for FestivalSouth artwork and poster

Cinque Terre

Purple Moon, In the Beginning, Circle Dance

Finding My Way

When Worlds Collide, Leaf Study--Crotons

Outrageous Orange Windows, Linen Burlap Flower,
Conville's Caladium, Magenta Pathways

The Conversation, Yellow Fish, Green Fish,
Elizabeth, My Almost Perfect Cat

Lavender Zinnia, Yellow Zinnia, Rosy Zinnia

Mountain Snow Melt, Black Swallowtail Butterfly, Ireland Street
in Artful Log Cabin technique

The Atrium at Ochsner's, Fractured Roses, Interleave Symphony,
Wellness Center Pool, with photo inspiration
Here are some pictures taken at the opening reception.