Friday, May 26, 2023

My Website is Online

After much planning and help from the amazing Holly Knott, my website is ready to view. I have enjoyed writing my blog since 2007, partly to help me remember events and partly to share my love of art, nature, and my cats with friends and others who are interested. The blog will become part of the website, under the Blog tab. But it is good to gather my story and many pictures in one place. I have categorized the artwork and added some informtion about techniques and inspiration behind some of the pieces. Find the site here or

FestivalSouth 2023 kicks off next week with performances of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, five nights in a row, with packed houses each night.

My FestivalFibers exhibit will open June 3 with a reception from 10-noon at the Downey Gallery at University Baptist Church, 3200 Arlington Loop in Hattiesburg. 

Rehearsals are well underway for The Meistersingers performance of James Mulholland's Missa Romantica on Sunday, June 11 at 3:00 p.m. at Westminster Presbyterian Church. 

This burlap-looking linen was interesting fabric for this new stitched wall quilt.
Burlap Linen Flower, 21 x 18

For a little nature, here is my front porch with a cane begonia sporting its first and only bloom during its lifetime with me of about five years. Linda gave me this sassy metal rooster for the porch, and the cats have welcomed him to the family.


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Trip to Texas for Mother's Day

I enjoyed a trip to Texas to visit my son and his wife and five granddaughters and their families--all on one plane ticket. They live close enough that we could visit several homes, schools, events, and a large Mother's Day get-together. I got to read The Quiltmaker's Gift to Kelsey's third-grade class, visit Kiesha and Robert's homestead to see chickens, goats, and gardens, spend Mother's Day with the everyone at Kaley and Dustin's home, where there was room for all the age groups from two years to great-grandparents. Brody starred in his school's play High School Musical, and Knox showed me how to catch roly-polies. Brittney did three haircuts on her visit, and Christy was busy with her foster kittens.  Mark and Melody and two of the others were growing very impressive gardens and raising chickens. 

Back at home Linda surprised me with a chicken of my own--this beautiful metal rooster to live on my front porch.