Sunday, July 26, 2020

Elizabeth is Going on a Trip

My quilt Elizabeth, My Almost Perfect Cat, was a joy to make, and it is the focal point in my living room. It was shown and won ribbons in Pine Belt Quilters and Gulf States Quilting Association's 2018 shows and South Mississippi Art Association's show. I took it with me to Gatlinburg when I attended a class at Arrowmont and showed it to my teacher and classmates.
When I saw announcements that the Great Wisconsin Quilt Show for 2020 would be a virtual one I decided to enter it since Elizabeth could stay at home and appear online in the show. I filled out entry forms and sent photos for this quilt plus another and was pleased that they were both juried into the show.

Elizabeth, My Almost Perfect Cat

Elizabeth on my wall

Interleave Symphony
Wait!!! When I read the acceptance letters I saw that the quilts still must be mailed in for photographing. I spent a week wondering if I really wanted people to see Elizabeth badly enough for me to pack her up in a box and mail her to Wisconsin.
Okay, I will be praying for safe travel while the quilts are gone. The virtual show will be available September 10-12, 2020, at this link: Great Wisconsin Quilt Show 2020.  There will be vendors, demos, as well as the quilt exhibit. 

July and Church Online

Quarantining was easier before the high 90s took some of the joy out of being outdoors. I still enjoy watering the flowerbeds, and on days without rain this is a high priority. The milkweed pods are bursting open--so much fun to see the neat little seeds lined up and then flying in the breeze. My hydrangeas are lush and green but without any blooms; the zinnias are getting closer to blooming and I still cannot bear to thin them. Coleus is one of my favorites. My tiny tomatoes have produced about a dozen; so I go to the farmer's market once a week.

Although I don't have any trouble staying at home, my creativity seems to be dormant. But I enjoyed working on these Color Blocks. They are 12" x 12" with different stitch patterns in each of the quadrants. Once I decided on thread color and what to stitch in each section, I felt a sense of order and calm and control--a welcome relief after the troubling news of rising COVID numbers and unrest and lawlessness.

I have also enjoyed making clergy stoles for my pastors. We miss being in church together, but it is wonderful that our staff have been making our services available online. We have learned how to have Zoom small group meetings and watch sermons on YouTube.  University Baptist Church