Saturday, November 14, 2020

All Three Sections of Cinque Terre

Since completing my section of the larger Cinque Terre picture, I have located pictures of the other two sections, made by Rita Warnock and Cathy Reininger, to show here. Each section is 23" wide x 52" high. We look forward to being able to display the three pieces together. Click to enlarge for details.

Reference Photo

Left Section by Martha Ginn

Center Section by Rita Warnock

Right Section by Cathy Reininger

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Interesting Fabrics for Cinque Terre

Sometimes the most unlikely fabrics are just what are needed in fabric collage. This is the case in my hillside, olive groves, houses, trees, foliage, rocky cliffs, and water in my section of Cinque Terre. Overall size of the quilt is 23" x 52". Here is the full piece, which can be enlarged to see details.

Detail photos of some of the fabrics that became the greenery, villages, iron fencing, rocks, and foamy water in the quilt:

Crochet covered with dull green mesh

Cutting hand-sized pieces of greens

This organza piece was used in several places

Large rocks, tiny houses

The green/blue/yellow piece is drapery weight

Yellow, rust, brown, black found in animals

Monday, November 2, 2020

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is finished. The quilting is done and facing and sleeve added. My piece is 23" x 52" and can be considered as one-third of a larger piece. Here is a picture of the entire area we are depicting in our three sections. Mine is the far left. Rita Warnock's section is in the middle; Cathy Reininger's is the far right. I will locate pictures of their pieces and post them later.

Reference photo of entire scene

Still on design wall before finishing

Showing backing and sleeve

My wool pressing mat is so helpful