Sunday, February 26, 2017

What Happened to Winter?

After two days of weather in the 'teens, we are enjoying spring-like temperatures and a profusion of blooming azaleas, camellias, Japanese magnolias, and quince. I made a trip to Austin, TX in January, and my brother's quince bush made me want to plant one.
We visited a Mexican meat market where there were more varieties of peppers than I'd seen in one place. And customers brought their own shopping bags because plastic bags are forbidden in Austin. This makes me want to remember to bring my own bag here in Hattiesburg.

My azaleas are nearly in full bloom at the end of February.

Speaking of growing things, my experiment of watering paperwhites with a diluted mixture of gin was a total failure--no blooms at all. However, in re-reading the information, I discovered that this was suggested for bulbs planted in water over rocks, not in soil.

Friday, February 10, 2017

SEW WHAT? Textile Exhibit

My latest news is being a participant in The Hattiesburg Arts Council's SEW WHAT? event on February 4 at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center.
USM mezzo sopranos Cymon Davis and Angelica Sewer sang two numbers to open the program.

Janice Hunter from Atlanta was the featured speaker, showing her African-inspired storyquilts. Pine Belt Quilters displayed 30 quilts and I spoke about the guild's history and activities.

USM's Apparel Construction and Design professors described the new certification program, a joint program of the Departments of Theatre and Marketing/Merchandising. Several costumes were also on display. A section of the AIDS quilt was hung, along with three locally produced panels that will be submitted to the project. Beejee Jenkins gave information about the panels.
Section of the AIDS quilt with Mayor Johnny DuPree
There was a good crowd, and this historic building offered a beautiful setting for the costumes and quilts. The building was our public library until 1996, when it became the Hattiesburg Cultural Center. It houses offices for the Arts Council and the Downtown Association and is used for many interesting civic events.

Janice Hunter with her storyquilts
Martha Ginn

Janice Hunter and Martha Ginn

View from second floor

Rise and Shine, Inner City

Oh, What a Summer by Ellen Hall

Oma's Blues by Vivian Plummer

Round Robin Pathways
Althea Jerome and Claudia Cartee with Finding My Way
The exhibit will come down for a Mardi Gras ball this weekend and a wedding next weekend, and then go back up for viewing Feb. 21-22-23. I said the building was used for many events!