Saturday, March 31, 2018

Springtime in Mississippi

After an unusual winter with TWO snows, we are welcoming springtime with temps between the 40s and 80s and azaleas in full bloom. I'm glad I got some good pictures a few days ago because this week's rain really took a toll in my yard.
Quilting has been at a minimum this month (March) because of a fall stepping out of the bathtub on March 2 which caused a severe cut and bruise on my L shin as well as rotator cuff injuries to both shoulders. If that were not enough misery, my computer was out for 12 days, and one-finger typing is no fun.
View from my front porch

View from street to my house
There is a huge black bumblebee in these azaleas
I planted about 10 new hostas last spring and they are bursting forth

Second year for these established hosstas

The "reluctant" amaryllis

Two days later, still reluctant to open fully
Different ones
Linda Ginn showing her Bandanna Race quilt at PBQ meeting
Tarbaby showing his long legs

Elizabeth is always close
Looking forward to more flowers and a beautiful Easter celebration tomorrow! I am blessed.