Friday, February 19, 2021

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I usually enjoy writing my blog as a way to share with friends what I have been up to and show a few pictures of my quilts and cats. The end of a year seems to call for a recap and possibly thinking of goals and plans. But transitioning from 2020 to 2021 and forward has had me so anxious and sad and lethargic that I had no words. I still snapped a few pictures and sometimes posted a happening on Facebook to connect with friends. I worked a 1,000-piece puzzle and listened to some art webinars and Zoomed and YouTubed with my church friends. People are in food lines and looking for work. My peeps in Texas are snowed and iced in, some without running water. I wish there were ways to help.

I am very aware of how fortunate I am that my house is warm and dry and safe; I have had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine; my hand has healed and I have decided to have Eric add blue and purple streaks to my gray hair again. I'm even beginning to be interested in sewing and quilting again. I'm saving a few plants and planting some seeds under a grow light. Life goes on and I hope to be able to be with friends in person soon. 

Here is the finished puzzle. It shows eight quilts by Bonnie Hunter patterns (from American Quilters Society) and is about 20" x 30". Being a quilter was no help on this one because of the small view of the quilts. Elizabeth was always eager to be with me though only for the attention. 

She is a little crowded on a 500-piece box. I must remember this.

Rahrah loves it when I Zoom on my laptop; she also loves to try to pick at the keyboard if I leave the top open afterward. So far I have been able to pop all the key covers back on. 

Cooking can get boring, so it is always nice to have red and yellow bell peppers on hand. A big pot of beef vegetable soup makes enough for several days and to share. 

Tarbaby has been doing lots of sleeping in this cold weather.

Linda pieced this quilt top and I quilted and bound it.