Saturday, December 24, 2016

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and my geranium just loves this cooler weather. My thermostat has been changed from heat to cool several times. It's hard to believe the beautiful snow scenes I've seen when my yard is sunny. The geranium plant in my last blog post has added several blooms, with that November bloom finally beginning to wilt.

In the back yard is a huge sasanqua bush that really rewards me every winter.

I enjoyed finishing a wall quilt that daughter Linda had begun several years ago. She was quite surprised to see it tonight in a gift box. The HQ16 made this a quick project.
The Christmas season has been filled with music--live performances and radio and CDs--and this helps center my thoughts on the true meaning for the celebration. I had fun making some fabric postcards for special friends and family.
My decorations center around a Santa in a quilt robe made by a friend. Elizabeth has been keeping him company in a box that's not quite large enough for her. When I'm at the machine, she is in my lap or on the machine, trying to bite the threads. Recently I accidentally snipped her right cheek whiskers, which did not change her fascination for thread; she is growing some replacement whiskers and I try to be more careful..