Tuesday, April 30, 2019

And Then April Flew By

April could be my favorite month. Well, at least this year it is. It has been filled with pleasant low-key creativity (meaning without deadlines--self-imposed and otherwise). The weather has been ideal for porch sitting. There is sadness and pain in contemplating the hatred and prejudice and violence happening, so some days the porch is a welcome respite from TV.  Lent and Easter came again to remind us of God's love. I had Eric add some purple to the blue. I called it my Easter Basket hair.

 The porch can be a great place to watch the rain even when there has been too much.

Some of my plants survived winter and are thriving, and I have added a few new ones. Seeing the buds coming on the hydrangea (that has leafed out after the dead-looking stalks) excites me every day. Hostas push up through the mulch, and parsley is looking like an advertisement for a seed catalog.

Quilting activities were varied. There was a Ghost Quilted Blue Flower. 
 I have been concerned about using so many plastic bags at the grocery store so I made a few mesh ones to try. The trick will be to remember to take them to the store. Fruits/veggies can be washed and stored in the bags.
 A couple of Interleave Xs.
These are color block/stitch studies.

And a few little zipper bags.

Many talented musicians at USM are also friends at my church. They have recitals and performances that are open to the public. Spring is a busy time for them (and for me to hear them). This picture is at the end of the Strings Chamber Music Competition. I think "Where else could one hear such fine music??!!"  Hattiesburg and USM are fortunate to have them.
My cats are five years old now and entertain me with their presence every day. Tarbaby loves to perch behind me on my office chair (covered with pillowcase to protect from his claws).
Elizabeth is my constant sewing companion and finds a good sleeping place wherever I am.
Rahrah most often curls up in a small plastic basket lined with fabric. It's a tight fit but she loves it that way. I give her new fabric occasionally.