Monday, September 27, 2021

Cool September Mornings

Ahhh. . . how pleasant to wake up to some 60-degree temperatures in late September!  And I got my Pfizer booster vaccine today. Another milestone.

I've been busy preparing my part on the program at the Fall Gathering of Mississippi Quilt Association this weekend--our first in-person since February 2020. I'll be talking about my stitched pictures and ghost-quilted flower pictures. I picked up these stitched abstract pieces from the framer today.

There isn't much blooming now after our hot summer, but I was fascinated by the huge mushrooms in my neighbor's yard. They look so delicious but of course I wouldn't dare try them. They are about 6" across.

Seed pod on Magnolia tree
Our Readers Theatre group presented a program for PrimeTime at University Baptist Church, and Linda read the role of a sassy teen-aged daughter in one of the skits.

Linda Ginn in Readers Theatre
The SMAA exhibit at the Lucile Parker Gallery is over but I am still amazed remembering the wildly colorful work of Hector Boldo. Here is my favorite of his work in the show.  

Offrenda (Offering) by Hector Boldo
Hector painted one of the utility boxes that we are enjoying around Hattiesburg. You can see his art on the corner of Hardy and S. 34th Avenue by Toefer's. Thanks to the artists who spread joy through these paintings around our city. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021


     Hurricane Ida was a non-event where I live, but the news of flooding in Louisiana and even as far north as New York was heartbreaking. Then a weekend of reminders and tributes to the heroes of 9/11, along with the tragedies of Afghanistan brought on sadness and thoughts of helplessness. With the pandemic still taking lives and causing isolation and unrest, I am searching for reasons to dwell on the positive. 
     A happy art event is that Oddfellows Gallery in downtown Hattiesburg has invited SMAA members to display art on a monthly rotating basis. I am pleased that my Purple Ghost-Quilted Flowers was accepted for this first month's exhibit. 

Oddfellows Gallery

    Making quilts for a family experiencing terrible illness helped several Pine Belt Quilters spread some joy. Working on these quilts gave purpose during the devastating news on TV during that week. Diane Jordan longarm quilted the four quilts we gave.
Quilting by Diane Jordan

     Senior Readers Theatre presented a program for the Petal Arts Council last week and will have one for PrimeTime at University Baptist Church next week on September 21st. We also made two videos to advertise OLLI (Oscher Lifelong Learning Institute through University of Southern Mississippi). This fun activity helps us to even laugh at ourselves. 
(L to R) Steve Clyburn, Pam Powers, Dallas Gorbett, Betty Reid, Patrice Seal

Mrs Santa

With Eric Weill

  September is still miserably hot in the yard. I've enjoyed working on more stitched flowers, postcards, and small abstract pieces.
Stitched abstract pieces in progress

Fabric postcards