Sunday, April 9, 2023

Simple Things, Simple Beauty

A landscape architect pointed out an interesting little plant in my yard called Partridgeberry. This caused me to notice other wildflowers and the amazing differences among them. Since nothing is blooming right now, I enjoyed focusing on these little gems.
Commonly called blue-eyed grass

Called false garlic

Maybe wood sorrel?


Mississippi's gardening guru Felder Rushing advises us to wait until late April to plant flowering annuals, but the nurseries are getting stocked up to tempt us. Every year I say I won't waste my time on planting tomatoes.

I thread-painted a large caladium leaf and also sewed March and April exercises in Brenda Gael Smith's Dreamlines project, Fine Line Bars and Diamonds. I love these. 

Thread-painted caladium leaf and March and April Dreamlines exercises

Brenda Gael Smith's Fine Line Bars and Diamonds

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