Saturday, November 26, 2022

Thanksgiving, Especially for Music

My blessings are so overwhelming that I am at a loss for words. Leaves continue to charm me and make my walks more of a bend over/straighten up exercise as I gather more pretties. The persimmon tree and sasanqua bush are favorites in my yard. The croton is in a pot I can pull into the garage on freezing nights.

For the upcoming SMAA 46th annual art show next Saturday, December 3, I stitched several leafy creations using caladium, sweet gum, and black gum leaves. Rahrah spent many happy sleeping hours on the white plastic bag near the stack of artwork before deciding to check out the smooth backing of one of the pictures. I should have remembered the last time she removed a backing in the closet.

My life has been enriched by music, with the highlight being the upcoming Meistersingers performance of Handel's Messiah next Saturday, December 3, at Westminster Presbyterian Church. We sang this at Trinity Episcopal in Natchez November 6 with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra as part of the church's 200th anniversary celebration. Thursdays are my favorite day of the week because of rehearsals. It is a privilege to work with maestro Dr. Jay Dean and our amazing accompanist, Kathy Vail. 

Kathy Vail, harpsichord at Trinity Episcopal Church

Last week Alejandro Junco presented a lecture recital with Dario Martin (piano) and Roberto Palomeque (percussion) in partial fulfillment of his doctor of musical arts degree. This was followed by Roberto Palomeque's recital. These three talented musicians have a bright future ahead, and Hattiesburg has been fortunate to get to be a part of their journey. (Sorry I did not get Roberto standing behind his marimbas instead of sitting behind his drums!)

Elizabeth's main activity has been sleeping on this warm fleecy when she was not in her other favorite place--her cardboard box. It has been perfect for a couple of months, even when the TV geek squad was here, but she has decided to rearrange the top edge a bit.

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Robbie Hudson Jones said...

The leaves are exquisite.