Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Mid-July Happenings

 Let's see, where was I? It's mid-July, high 90s every day, so I don't spend much time with the flowers except to give them and the birdbath a drink every day. Hydrangeas are greenish color but still beautiful, just not so showy.

I sent this art quilt to SAQA for the 2022 Online Auction. The caladium leaves are real, with stitching accenting the veins.

Caladium Leaves, 12" x 12" for SAQA online auction

My Handy Quilter Sweet Sixteen has been repaired with new computer parts and is waiting for some human interaction. 

New parts being installed

Up and running

I finished the cat puzzle, well, all except one last piece. I've searched for days but have to admit it is lost. Elizabeth only sleeps on the puzzle, doesn't play with the pieces, so I hate to accuse her. 

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