Monday, November 15, 2021

Opening Reception

 After 20 months or so of shutdown, it is wonderful to be attending some live events again such as the opening reception for my exhibit at the Lucile Parker Gallery on William Carey University's campus. Dr. Ed Ford, curator of the gallery, took the pictures I am sharing here. I love people looking at quilts! Sorry I do not know all the names. The exhibit will run til December 16.

With Dr. Ed Ford

With Mo Conville, Jackie Watkins, Karen LeBeau, Sara Ann Owen, Bettye Kin

With Charlie and Sherri Marengo

Barbara Hamilton and Dr. Read Diket
Happy Martha


Sam Robbins said...

Oh Martha! What a wonderful event...and so well deserved! I just wish we could be there to see your work.
Love to you.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Sam. I wish you could, too!