Thursday, October 28, 2021

Goodbye, Tarbaby

Only 20 days after discovering Tarbaby's severe urinary tract infection I had to let him go. He spent 12 days in the kitty hospital and was medicated, pampered, adored, and loved. He got to come home for a few days but could not overcome his body's tendency for the urethra to clog, a common problem in older boy cats. He would only be eight next week, not so old, but I could not put him through any more painful procedures. Even though he was skittish around strangers, he charmed both vets and the techs who took care of him. He was more like having a toddler in the house than a cat--lovable, demanding, talkative. He will be sorely missed.

He loved to hang on the back of my office chair; he also liked to lie on his back with me supporting hi head so he could stretch out his long legs and groom himself. A favorite sleeping spot was up against a pillow on one of my quilts. When there were other voices in the house, he often retreated to a high place of safety. His shiny, solid black fur made him hard to photograph but I never quit trying. The girls, Elizabeth and Rahrah, are unaffected by his absence, enjoying their elevated status in the pecking order. Goodbye, Tarbaby.


Dots said...

Awww, So sorry. He was a beauty.
My male cat developed that problem. It's the dry cat food. He too was at the vet for treatment. Cats don't drink enough water. I add water to every feeding. He has been doing well for the past five months. Hope he continues to thrive. Vet costs are a nightmare.

Unknown said...

How am I just now finding your blog?
Tarbaby was dear to all of our hearts at Davis Vet! Dr. Chip was missing him this very morning. Thank you for sharing him with us...he was one in a million!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Dots. Hope your cat continues okay.

Martha Ginn said...

Rebecca and Dr Chip and Dr Joseph,
Thank you for falling in love with Tarbaby and taking such good care of him. I'm glad he honored you with his acceptance and affection. That means y'all are the good guys.