Friday, November 16, 2018

Fall Gifts

I'm loving this 60-degree sunny weather! It follows two nights of freezing temperatures when I covered a few treasured plants--Crotons and Geranium and Blue Daze. The leggy tomato plants that are still producing green stems and leaves I did not even think about. To my surprise, today I am seeing buds and one tiny tomato. Not getting my hopes up after an entire summer without any tomatoes.

Blooms and one tiny tomato
There is beauty in a dead limb with curly lichens that I hope to use in an arrangement with holly berries and nandina berries. Decorating is quite simple for me and the cats.
Curly lichens on a dead limb leaning against a pine tree

Daughter Linda made me a beautiful table runner that I will enjoy. This fall I will alternate adding the pilgrim dolls and the pumpkin made by Susan Carlson's mom, Oma, from my trip to Maine in October of 2017. The variety of colors in the table runner make it adaptable for all seasons. 

Elizabeth prefers the pumpkin
Linda has become an avid quilter, and I asked her do one of the lectures at the show. Her title was "It's never too late to start, or, blame it on the barn quilts." Her interest was finally captured when she began researching barn quilt signs she wanted to make for her front porch. This led from painting to actually sewing, and she has become quite proficient at it, even entering two quilts in the show--quite admirable for a less-than-two-year quilter.

Linda Ginn and her barn quilt signs
Another lecture was presented by Leanne Green and her mother Polly Thomasson. They told of the joy of sharing the making of quilts over many years. As they gathered quilts from their closets and walls, they relived precious times of planning and making these quilts that their families treasure. As a thank-you for asking them to tell their story, they gave me this exquisite string fabric bowl. Leanne is demonstrating the making of these bowls to the Southern Fiber Artists group at their November 2018 and February 2019 meetings. My bowl is about 15" in diameter and 6" high/deep. It is embellished with seed beads and bugle beads around the outside trim. How I will treasure this unique gift! Most people complain when asked to do a job; I have never been thanked in such a beautiful way for asking someone to help! This is an example of how people share their time and talents with a willing spirit to make a successful event like our quilt show happen.
String fabric bowl by Leanne Green and Polly Thomasson


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Martha Ginn said...

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Norma Schlager said...

I love that coiled basket. The colors are yummy and I like the embellishments on the outside. I have made a couple, but this makes me want to make more.