Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving--Mark's Visit

Son Mark came for a pre-Thanksgiving visit. He gets so much done when he is here. An unexpected achievement was making friends with Tarbaby--which is HUGE if you know Tarbaby!--tying up the wisteria bush, petting Elizabeth, planting pansies, power washing the flowerbed stones, getting my TV/DVD remotes sorted, getting my blog to accept comments, getting my computer information and passwords into a safe storage instead of on bright pink pages beside the computer, getting PBQ stuff to storage unit, dealing with frozen Kindle Fire PaperWhite, canceling Norton that I was paying for but not using. All this along with giving Elizabeth lots of demanded attention. I wish I could have photographed all the little tasks and problems he solved for me. He even helped Linda and me get two quilts layered and ready for quilting.
Tarbaby accepting Mark's petting

tying up wisteria vines
Roy used to love to pick the flowers to bring into the house to me
Lady Banksia rose and wisteria 

power washing flowerbed stones

My password filing system--bright pink pages--no longer

Computer tasks with  Elizabeth's help

Layering quilts help
For many years my family celebrated Thanksgiving at my brother's home in Austin. Roy and I would drive from Mississippi through East Texas and pick up our parents to go on to Austin. Terry Weeks and his wife Kay still host and invite any family and friends who can come. It is a great time to get to see my nephews and nieces and other friends who love to go to Terry's. Such happy memories and so much to be thankful for!


Dots said...

You got plenty accomplished! Yeah. I dumped Norton too. I was advised it was bloat wear and that you can get protection free! I was pay $100.00 a year for Norton. So I said bye!
Don't you love it when everything gets straightened out and works so well?
So glad you had Mark's help. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tierney Creates said...

Wow - what a guy! Not only did the kitties like him but he helped with quilts too (not to mention all those other things)! Sounds like a wonderful way to start Thanksgiving :-)

Tierney Creates said...

The first time I commented it did not seem to take but if this is a duplicate you can delete it.
What a guy! Not only did the kitties like him but he also helped with quilts! (as well as other things!)
Nice way to start Thanksgiving :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay -I can leave comments now thanks to Mark. Sounds like a wonderful son and visit! Tessa and I were just reminiscing about our Thanksgivings at Terry's today. Miss you!


Norma Schlager said...

Isn't it nice to have your son home? Mine only gets here once a year from Oregon, but he always helps me with things that are difficult for me to do aloneHappy belated Thanksgiving!