Saturday, March 4, 2023

My Musical Week

This week has been extra-special because it has been packed with music! The USM Symphony Orchestra and Choral Union thrilled the audience on Tuesday night with the Verdi Requiem. I've sung this before but this time I got to enjoy it without the sacrifice of aching feet, knees, and back. The participants obviously had an experience they will never forget.

The spring Meistersingers concert, An American Portrait, will be this Sunday, March 5, and we have had Sunday, Thursday, and Saturday rehearsals, so this week has been rich with music. 

Spring is coming on with azaleas blooming profusely. This is the view from my front porch, and it gets more beautiful every day. The trees are still bare, but the azaleas are really eye-catching.

Inside, the cat tree is now Elizabeth's favorite spot. She window watches, scratches the posts, fights the dangling mice, and takes long naps. She is a tight fit, but seems quite comfortable. Rahrah is happy to sleep somewhere else, so there's no jockeying for position.

There is a little quilting going on, mostly experimenting with solid colors in Brenda Gael Smith Dreamlines project. 

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