Saturday, December 31, 2022

Ending 2022

 We've been through another year of blessings and sorrows, and sometimes the losses and war news and injustice seem to overwhelm our thoughts, especially contrasted with the joyful music and decorations of the season. I had my 87th birthday, and feel grateful to have dear friends and family who made me feel loved. The recent freezing weather across the US made me especially glad that a few plants were the only casualties and that I had constant power and water supply.

My leggy 4-ft Norfolk Island Pine came inside and was joined by a new, fluffy one and a couple of small ones, which I think I will keep in where I can enjoy them more. The big begonia and a smaller one were also brought in. Remember that succulent pumpkin decoration I made two months ago? I keep it under a light to keep the plants from growing taller, and it still looks great. This ivy plant I was given five years ago is thriving in its new location though still in its original pot. 

     A puzzle of colorful birds has been a good pastime for pondering problems that seem unsolvable. It's amazing how satisfying it can be to find a pesky little shape and put it in its place. Gives one a feeling of being in control of one small thing. 

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