Thursday, October 6, 2022

Eye Contact

In 2019 I sent a piece to be a part of  "Eye Contact: creating a connection" curated by Barbara Hollinger, as a special exhibit at the Sacred Threads Quilts exhibit. Barbara wrote, 

"In a time where politics, race, and religion divide us, a personal connection to those around us is hard to establish. We walk through the world with our heads down focused on daily tasks and distractions. . . . Lift up your head, gaze into someone's eyes, and make a connection." 

The exhibit consisted of 249 pieces measuring 5" x 23" and traveled to ten more venues between 2019 and 2022 before being returned to their makers. Barbara also prepared and sent a lovely bookmark showing a variety of pieces along with her statement describing the exhibit.

The quilts were suspended from wires at some venues

With Libby Williamson (her awesome eyes are right above her hand)

Some venues displayed on square towers 
I found my eyes here, second from bottom 

I was glad my donated Caladium Leaves sold in the SAQA 2022 online auction. 

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