Monday, January 31, 2022

Staying Warm Inside

Our South Mississippi winter isn't nearly as dramatic as what I see on TV on the East Coast. The yard has been covered in pine straw and leaves but several favorite plants have survived and even thrived on the porch or in the garage. This tall begonia will come back after I trim the frozen leaves. The red geranium right beside it just put on a beautiful bloom. The croton and maidenhair fern in the garage are fine, along with the blooming white geranium. The next two plants are loving the cool weather in the garage.

In the warm house I have been enjoying more stitched pictures with these large panels. After stitching I have the framer pin to foam core so they are ready to frame. They are about 19" square. Then I made one more of the 15" x 45" pieces for a color challenge. It is finished all but the facing, so pardon the ruffled edges.

Outrageous Orange, 15 x 45, ready for facing

Elizabeth and Rahrah stay very close to me when it's cold, even sometimes inadvertently sleeping touching each other. If I wonder why I am behind on some personal letter writing, here is my reminder.

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