Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Exhibit is Down

Sharing my fiber art with friends at the Lucile Parker Gallery at William Carey University from November 9 - December 16 was a great pleasure. I got to attend several times and talk about particular pieces and the stories or inspiration behind them. For instance, this quilt made from counted cross-stitch blocks was the transition that started my quilt journey. Linda and I began stitching these blocks around 1984 and it occurred to me that we wouldn't know how to make a quilt from them, so I left her to finish the squares while I learned to quilt. We completed it in 1991 and won several blue ribbons in quilt shows and I never returned to cross-stitching. 

75" x 95" From Cross-Stitch to Quilting
by Linda and Martha Ginn
With Dr. Ed Ford, Curator
Also pictured (L to R) Interleave Symphony, Fractured Roses,
Improv Music, Butterfly Crossing

(L-R) Butterfly Crossing, Round Robin Pathways
This Is My Story, This Is My Song,
Travel Poster, Finding My Way
(with two small ghost-quilted pieces)

Here are more pictures from the exhibit. Thanks to everyone who saw the exhibit and especially to those who wrote, called, or texted me with your kind comments. 
(L-R) Finding My Way, Rise & Shine, Inner City
Mississippi Orange Peel, Circle Dance

(L-R) Circle Dance, Wellness Center Pool
Blue Ghost-Quilted Flowers

(L-R) Orchid, Campfire, In the Jungle, Return of the Trees

(L-R) Leaf Study Crotons, Green Fish,
Elizabeth My Almost Perfect Cat, Yellow Fish

(L-R) Mountain Snow Melt, Ireland Street, Triangle Extensions

(L-R) Twisted Trees II, Twisted Trees I, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, 24" x 52"

Twin Poppies I and II, Sunday Ties
Sycamore Leaf, Leaf Study I and II, Leaf Study Crotons,
Green Fish, Elizabeth, Yellow Fish


Jenny K. Lyon said...

How cool is that? A lifetime achievement. How good that must have felt. Brava! Wish I could have seen it. It was so elegantly displayed.

Xiaoming said...

Hi, Marta, happy birthday! We are so glad to see you are doing well, and still active in the quilting! They are all so prettily made!
We are all doing well. Ranran is working in San Francisco, CA, and Jian and Xiaoming are still living in Atlanta, GA.
Take care!
Happy New Year!
Best regards,
Jian, Xiaoming and Ranran