Tuesday, March 9, 2021

It's March Already

Time flies and the days run together. I'm particularly aware of several good things: I have had both my Pfizer vaccines. My pipes didn't freeze and my power did not go off during the snow/ice event that hit Texas-Louisiana-Mississippi so hard. Beautiful spring weather is here (30s-40s mornings and 70s-80s afternoons).  I am enjoying some sewing-quilting time.

I worked one of those zentangle wooden puzzles (by unidragon.com) that are the craze now. There are lots of knock-off ones advertised, but this one (loaned by a friend) is made in Limerick, Ireland, with this description: "each piece of the unidragon wooden jigsaw puzzle is laser-cut, uniquely and artfully crafted differently.... Our unique jigsaw puzzles are made of quality plywood, in varieties of unique shapes and vivid colors."

The finished owl. He is by unidragon.com

Before tackling this Owl, a 500-piece boat scene was a good prelude.

Finally, it was time to enjoy a cleaned-off table for a while. Linda made the colorful table runner for me.

Leaves and pine straw have nearly all fallen, and my yard and roof have been totally covered. I have some helpers taking huge piles of leaves, pine straw, and sticks to the street to be picked up. There's a remnant of grass, and with a little sunshine the yard might be green again. I'm eager to plant some veggies and coleus and other colorful bedding plants. New geraniums and coleus and crotons will replace the ones that look pitiful. 

I have finished several 8" x 10" pieces for my Southern Fiber Artist group (we call it Shared Fiber Art for SFA.)  The pieces shown below are for Judi Sharpe, Maryann McClain, and Cathy Reininger.

Leaves with Angelina overlaid with tulle (for Judi Sharpe)

Still playing with leaves, I sent this piece to Maryann McClain because we both love leaves and have enjoyed doing several techniques with them. I did background grid quilting on pink linen fabric, added three fall leaves (treated with matte medium) and overlaid a patterned organza with machine quilting. 

Cathy's is a woven fabric with a patterned organza layer with machine stitches and embroidered French knots. Some colored pencils were involved.


tierneycreates said...

Oh my goodness Martha that owl puzzle is amazing! Also amazing are the quilt pieces you’ve been working on! Glad you’re all vaccinated and that you’re having nice weather!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Tierney. Fun and different puzzle. It was about 18" high. Weather here perfect for planting. Hope you have Spring soon, too. So Mike can enjoy being outside, like my three cats do.

tierneycreates said...

I am hoping for Spring too!