Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Progress on Yellow Carp and The Window Watchers

This fabric collage is exciting and enjoyable . . . and addicting! It's not quick, but when you are enjoying what you do, it doesn't matter what time it takes. Well, maybe a little more discipline here would be a good thing.
   The Yellow Carp (by Susan Carlson's Carpe Carpem pattern) is finished and ready to quilt, trim, and finish the edges. The background was as challenging as the fish body, mainly because there were so many options about how I wanted to do it. I used dark geometric shapes to help highlight the busy and organic nature of the fish body. The backing will only take off a seam allowance all around.
Yellow Carp (yet unnamed), 22" x 18"

   The Window Watchers (my three cats looking out an east window) is quilted and ready for facing. They are Rahrah, Tarbaby, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was featured in an earlier piece, Elizabeth, My Almost Perfect Cat, in some earlier blog posts. Susan Carlson included her in Volume 7 of her Finish Line blog posts. Susan posts finished pieces from her students, and it is an honor to have Elizabeth shown there.
The Window Watchers, 23" x 30"

Tarbaby is solid black, and the sun shining on his back gave me the opportunity to use a variety of textures in addition to cotton prints. It's hard to photograph organza, and the black flannel and lace don't show in photographs.
Detail of blue and black satin and organza.

Working at the computer. What we put up with to humor our pets!
I should have both the carp and the three cats totally finished in the next post. I will also have progress on the Green Carp to show. It's going to be a great 2018!

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tierneycreates said...

Your kitty did not want you to spend too long typing on the computer without snuggling - ha! Your art quilts are spectacular, you are so incredibly talented!!!

Norma Schlager said...

Two beautiful quilts! Love those kitties!