Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lunch at the Back Door Cafe

Yesterday I rode with friends to Columbia, MS, to see the Art Colony show and enjoy lunch at Fran Ginn's Back Door Cafe on Main Street. What a treat! My favorite artist, Dana Stratton, is one of the artists featured in the traveling exhibit. The Back Door has an excellent reputation for down-home Mississippi cooking. Fran Ginn is an artist and chef and I am honored to have people get us confused since we share a last name. Her restaurant doubles as an art gallery, with beautiful works always on display.
My guild, Pine Belt Quilters, is fast approaching its 15th Biennial Fiber Art & Quilt Show (October 3-4-5). I still have a little quilting to do to finish my entries, but have to do it in short bits until my hand is better. Computer work is somewhat easier than sewing machine work, and Rah-Rah is happy to keep me company. She has grown since her first appearance here appproving of our new website.  

9 months old
4 months old

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LA Paylor said...

It's a good thing to have a kind overseer. Otherwise you might miss something if she weren't there to point out the problems.
I loved the kneading neck comments, and think it's so loving...
LeeAnna Paylor