Thursday, November 14, 2013

At the Opening Reception

Sarah Farris, Ollie Jean Lane, Rosalie Schoell, Ellen Hall, Ella Lucas
Some of my best quilt buddies came, even though they had seen everything through the stages of construction and completion. Isn't it wonderful that our friends will come out to cheer us on!
With Dr. Tommy King, WCU president
Dr. King is dedicated to the arts and was instrumental in saving this historic building and having it remodeled to house the Lucile Parker Gallery.
With Dr. Ed Ford, art faculty
Dr. Ford's work will be exhibited in the gallery in January.
With Dana Stratton
Dana Stratton is my favorite watercolor artist and a dear friend. I have studied drawing with her on several occasions, always realizing how inspiring these lessons are. Another reason she is so special is that she loves my cat and will come and visit and feed him when I am out of town.
Gena and Russell Lott with Blue Iris
Some of my favorite pictures are of people viewing and discussing quilts and artwork. I love to describe the process and compare notes with others. Gena and Russell are dear friends from my church; Gloria is a quilt artist in my small Innovative Fiber Artists (IFA) group. We meet and share ideas and encourage one another.
Gloria Green with Color Bars
Jackie and Wayne Watkins
Jackie is an accomplished quilter and artist from Jackson. She first showed this twisted tree technique to Polly Duggan, who shared it with our IFA group. In addition to trees, coral or other interesting organic shapes can be made this way. Quilters are a sharing, giving lot!


Vivian Helena said...

congrats, looks wonderful

E.E. said...

Looks wonderful, still regret we couldn't come that night!
So happy you had a good turn out......elvia

LA Paylor said...

What a wonderful gallery show! This is a dream of mine.... maybe one day... you look fabulous in the pics too. Good for people to see fiberart Congratulations!
LeeAnna Paylor

Tanya Brown said...

I'm so happy to see these exhibit photos, from this and the previous posts. It looks like they showed a nice cross section of your work. Other than devising your versatile blind slat system for hanging, what kind of prep did you have to do?

Imagine having your name in lights! That must have felt pretty darned neat.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Tanya. Yes, the marquee was an unexpected thrill. The large sign is always there with a current event, but who'd have thought this??
An art student helped me hang the show, but I totally planned what to hang--a scary thought at the beginning. I had several new huge flowers and then I had been doing more abstract pieces recently and wanted to use them. So the layout of the long and narrow room lent itself to a separation of the flowers on one side (plus tree) and Colorbars and other abstracts on the opposite wall. The end walls gave a nice distant view of the two large colorful pieces which invited one in for a closer look. I brought everything with slats inserted and ready to hang. The student had a good eye for placement and I think enjoyed being consulted as well as weilding the hammer and nails. The walls are carpet-covered, so we could freely place and even change spacing if we saw a need. I had furnished a list of title, size, price, and the gallery had ID tags ready. The show closed yesterday but I met people there for "guided tours" several times--totally enjoyable to get to discuss and explain my work.

thistlethorn said...

Lovely exhibit!

I was Dana Stratton's student at Singapore American School (Helen Nichols) and would love to get a hold of her sometime... I know this is obnoxious, but could you tell her that I'm looking for her?

This is my website, and I will try to figure out how to receive messages on it.

Thank you for the trouble, and I forgive you if it's too much of a bother!

best regards, Helen

Martha Ginn said...

to Helen Nichols. I am currently in a weekly art class with Dana and I showed her your comment. She was delighted to hear the message and would love to communicate with you. She said she did not see a way to contact you from your website.
So if you see this Comment, please email me and I will get it to Dana. My email address is on the front page of the blog---