Sunday, June 2, 2019

Tomatoes, parsley, and a paint called muslin

I probably shouldn’t get so excited over some little cherry tomatoes in my flowerbed, but I do. I guess it’s because I have never been successful in growing them.
  My parsley plant is the largest I have ever seen. After making a huge circle of fluffy leaves, it has bolted and is making seeds. It was supposed to attract black swallowtail butterflies who would lay eggs to form caterpillars to eat all this parsley, but did not; so I'm leaving it as long as I can.

The afternoon sun really punishes the hydrangeas. I made an overnight trip and missed an afternoon of watering. I came home the next afternoon to this sad sight.

But after a good drink, they looked like this. It's amazing how they can perk up.

We hung two more of my quilts in a recently painted stairwell at my church. It brings me joy to share my quilts and brighten up this space. 

Speaking of brightening up . . . seeing what the light paint did to this formerly dark space points out my need to do the same in my living room and dining room. The tongue-in-groove wood paneling was greatly admired by my husband and he would not hear any talk of painting it. I love real wood, too, but I am ready to make these rooms brighter. Overhead lights only seem to glare. I have this same wood paneling in my studio but have enough overhead fluorescent lights there to overcome any darkness.

Looking toward east wall
Looking toward west wall
The overhead beams and the paneling inside the bookcases will be left as they are now. It won't be a simple job, since the seams will have to be caulked or filled before painting. The color I chose happened to be called "muslin." That seems quite fitting!

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