Friday, August 31, 2018

New Mailbox and New Barn Quilt Signs

I am so proud of my new barn quilt signs! Daughter Linda made a new 3'x3' one for my little shop building (pictured on left, along with the new light on the corner).
She also removed and repainted the old 2'x2' sign, and when Mark visited, he attached it to the front of the garage over the door.
Attaching the 2'x2' repainted sign
 AND she made a two-sided  12" square one to hang below my new mailbox. Squirrels had nibbled all around the top of the previous box, letting the rain in on the back of the box. While son Mark visited  he replaced the mailbox and hung the small two-sided sign below the mailbox. I don't have a front driveway, so my mailbox is around the corner where the driveway goes to the back of my house. My lettering was too large to get the address on one line--hence splitting to both sides.

When Mark visits, he repairs/replaces everything on my list plus items he notices. Home Depot really appreciates his visits! So does my Discover card. He replaced the front porch light, shop front light, added another light to side of shop, repaired bathroom sink stopper, removed metal rim that held glass sliding doors on bathtub, hung the barn quilt signs, among other jobs.
On this visit he brought wife Melody and Willow, a precious little fluff ball. They intended to board Willow, but I didn't want that for her and agreed that the cats could tolerate an invasion of their space for a few days.


Willow and Elizabeth; Tarbaby and Rahrah remained in hiding

Ready to drive back to Texas
Cooking was not a problem; we enjoyed eating at Crescent City, Patio 44, and Tabella's. 

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