Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mississippi Orange Peel, Part 2

After some more attempts to machine quilt the Mississippi Orange Peel (affectionately referred to as the MOP), I decided the project was more possible on my Janome than my Pfaff, mainly because of the larger flat surface around the sewing area. You can read Part 1 about the beginning of the quilting here.

I did "in the ditch" quilting in a grid around each block, as well as around each pointy arc. It was not always easy to stay in the ditch, so some picking out and restitching were required. Elizabeth was sure her help was needed to bite every thread I pulled out. Many times I had to give up and go to another room. This took the joy out of the activity, so she took a nap.

After most of the in-the-ditch quilting was done, I could trim the outer edges to get rid of some of the bulk under the head of the machine. Kind of scary to cut this away.

I rewarded myself with Tom's Fried Pie (peach) and a cup of Blue Bell ice cream.
 Rahrah was feeling neglected and in need of my attention.
I am excited about being able to finish the MOP! It will finish at about 48" square, with black binding all around. I bought the Kona cotton for the binding today. Enough progress for now. But I'm out of peach pie.

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