Sunday, April 22, 2018

April--and Southern Pines Animal Shelter

April is such a beautiful month, with the trees leafing out. My front yard is almost totally shaded. The days have been mild to cool.
I’ve had so much fun working on a lab coat for White Linen Nights, a Hattiesburg Arts Council and the USM Merchandising Program fashion extravaganza honoring healthcare professionals.

I chose to honor the staff at Southern Pines Animal Shelter with my lab coat. The coats have to be kept secret until the April 28 event, so pictures will have to wait a week.

Meanwhile, Linda and I were asked to sew patches on doggie vests to help get them adopted.

Elizabeth was very interested


Tierney Creates said...

An awesome use of sewing skills - sewing patches for the doggie vests! Sounds like a wonderful organization :-)

Carol Larson said...

What a fun project, jazzing up a lab coat for the animal shelter. Yours was so creative, especially as modeled by Mister Kitty...or is that Doctor Kitty?

Martha Ginn said...

Mister Kitty is an Arts Council board member...he had a super time being Mr Kitty on the runway! Hiss, grrr.....