Saturday, December 30, 2017

Ending with Fish

It's traditional at the end of a year to look back and celebrate or complain. Without getting philosophical about what's wrong, I admit I am at a very happy place along this journey. Having just turned 82 and being able to pursue my passion of art quilting, I am looking forward to more creating, more cats sleeping on my lap, more pictures of my granddaughters and great-grandchildren, more wonderful friends, and more music! I hope to be sensitive to the needs of others and lend a hand and support worthy causes.
The Window Watchers is nearly finished, but it has been shoved out of the way in my enthusiasm for creating two more fabric collages, using Susan Carlson's Carpe Carpem fish pattern.
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When I gathered the possible fabric choices, it was obvious that I needed to make two fish. Here was my starting dilemma:

Beginning the yellow fish. (Ignore the polka dots; my white base fabric was thinner than I wanted, so I backed it with a scrap mint green/brown dot fabric for stability.)

Completed yellow fish, ready to glue and add background
Completed  yellow fish, ready to glue and add background 

Next I began the green fish. Here is his progress. Some of the yellow fabrics were needed for the end of the ruffled tail.

Completed green fish--ready for gluing and background
I use the term "completed" loosely. There is always the chance and temptation to tweak and keep adding more beautiful touches! And, of course, there will be quilting stitches over all.
Daughter Linda has thrilled me with her falling in love with quilting--not just the idea and admiration, but the actual sewing and quilting. She has completed far more than I did when I started, even donating two quilts to our guild, Pine Belt Quilters. We have enjoyed discussing and sharing our projects. Here are two of her completed quilts. And she just started watching videos and buying fabric in January.
Started in Barbara Cline class at 2017 MQA Educational Seminar

Started in an online challenge
Looking forward to another creative year in 2018!

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Ellen Lindner said...

Hey Martha,

I really like your plans for 2018. Don't slow down!

You are AMAZING with the Susan Carlson technique. It seems that it now comes quite easily to you.

As I was scrolling down through your green fish, I came to the 2nd photo, where you were starting the tail. I thought you did a great job with the first yellow/gold pieces, with a nice level of detail. But, I thought, "Too bad she didn't have enough green."

Then I scrolled down to the finished photo and was blown away. What you did with that tail was BRILLIANT! Not only did you mix the two colors beautifully, but you added a WONDERFUL amount of detail. I would have been happy with the level of detail in the previous image, but you knew to keep on working it. It's fabulous.

And, how wonderful that your daughter is now into quilting! You're a blessed woman. Even more so because you know it.

Happy New Year my friend.

Tierney Hogan said...

Happy New Year and that is wonderful your daughter is into quilting. The fish are absolutely lovely - you are becoming the collage queen!!! :-)

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Tierney and Ellen! I'm happy to say that lots of people saw the abbreviated version on Facebook and commented there, but I especially appreciate those who will go to the blog and read it all. You artists recognize the challenges of this sort of thing, but also the pure joy of the creating! I'm deciding on the backgrounds now--can be simple or intricate. Also fun!

iHanna said...

Love your fishes, they're amazing! I can't even begin to imagine how time consuming and fiddly that must be to put together.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks iHanna--when it's so much fun, time flies!