Saturday, November 4, 2017

Portland, Maine, retreat with Susan Carlson, Part 2

It has been two weeks since I came home from Susan Carlson's fabric collage retreat in Portland. I've had such a good time working on Elizabeth! Here is how she looked on the last day in Maine, and then her progress:

Elizabeth on the background

Adding shadows

Adding more shadows
Trying to quilt with Elizabeth's help
She seems quite pleased--won't stay off of it!
All done but the whiskers and facing

Susan Carlson wrote a blog post about the retreat. You can read it here and see pictures of the  other students'  pieces in progress. She is an amazing teacher and I would love to take another class with her!


Elaine Quehl said...

I love it Martha Ginn! With Elizabeth lying on it, I get a sense of the scale too. She must be really happy with her portrait. Great job!

Rhonda said...

Martha, this is stunning! I have always loved her work but have only ever tried a few (imaginary) fish on my own, never anything real from a photo. You have absolutely captured the "almost perfection" that is Elizabeth.

Tierney Hogan said...

I am blown away - that is an amazing piece!!!

Franki Kohler said...

This is outstanding Martha! Bravo! Don't forget to share when it is finished.

Carol Larson said...

Martha, what a great job you did on this cat! No wonder the breathing one wants to lay on it...she too is proud. Are you inspired to do more?!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks Elaine, Rhonda, Tierney, Franki, and Carol! Some of you know that Elizabeth's only flaw is that she loves to eat thread when it is pulled taut (from a spool, for example). She ignores thread on the floor but can't resist trying to bite the thread I am trying to cut with scissors. Well, once when she was in my lap and tried to bite the thread as I was snipping, I accidentally cut the whiskers off on one side of her face. It didn't faze her or break her of the habit, and those whiskers have grown back and I'm more careful.
As far as the technique, I loved it and can't wait to make another collage by Susan's method!