Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Starting a New Year

New beginnings are always exciting. But I'm starting this new year by completing something from last year. And that gives a good feeling of accomplishment, too. My guild, Pine Belt Quilters, has had a "Shapely Challenge" in progress since March of 2015, with five steps given semi-monthly through November. We have until March 2016 for the reveal of our finished quilts. We drew for five fat quarters and could add anything else to make the twenty 12-inch blocks using specified shapes for the five steps (squares, half-square triangles, Drunkard's Path, etc.). I loved the fat quarters I drew:

These suggested to me that deep rose and various shades of green would guide the rest of my choices. After all, red and green are compliments.I selected several deep rose fabrics:

Here are some of the greens I used:

Of course, some neutrals to allow the roses and greens to be the main characters:

I had one yard of green E. E. Schenck Diawabo called Elite Gelato which I thought just right for setting the squares. Luckily, I found an Etsy source to buy more and discovered a neat blogger I will enjoy following, Tierney Hogan:

 Here are my groups of fabrics on the green background:

Choosing patterns for the five steps using specified shapes was like Quilting 101, and even though I have mainly transitioned to making art quilts, the challenge was interesting and nostalgic, and drafting and cutting templates was good to sharpen skills I learned many years ago. But the most fun was working with the colors and balancing them four blocks at a time.

I'm eager to post the blocks and the setting I have chosen--but since we are not to reveal our work for two months, I will wait.


Judy Stokes said...

Lovely fabrics and great color combinations. Can't wait to see the reveal!!

Tierney Hogan said...

Oooh I am so excited to see it as it progresses - what wonderful colors/fabrics and I highly approve of the gelato (sad look, no more in my stash...sigh...just teasing)

plumquilty said...

Oh. I love your fabric colors. They're sure to result in a beautiful quilt.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Judy, Tierney, and Vivian! I'm dying to show some of the blocks...and will soon. They look great on the Gelato green I got from Tierney. And didn't even use all of it, Tierney, if you're desperate. LOL.

Vivian Helena said...

with those colors it is really going to snap.. Looks like fun,, give the cats a hugs for me,, bet they are having fun on the dining table!

Martha Ginn said...

Yes, Vivian, the cats think I have spread my work on the DR table just for their benefit. But I needed to use that for laying out the blocks. So I cover with a sheet when I'm not right there.