Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Decorations with the Cats

Christmas decorations get more simple each year. My cats thought the Santas were especially for their enjoyment, and I found each one snuggled up on Santa's robe at one time or another. 
Rah-Rah often visited the nativity set, perhaps because it was on the table by her favorite window. She still is fascinated by the moving objects on the computer screen.
Elizabeth loves to lie on her back with her front legs stretched out, hoping for a tummy rub.
Lest it seems I took a holiday from quilting, here is a child's quilt I made from nine Bingo "cards" our guild made and played with in November. I also made a baby quilt for my next great-grandson Knox Kuykendall (due in January) and one for my great-niece Peyton Rose Woodland. But these were delivered or mailed before I remembered to take pictures.
The Bingo blocks were made in five colored rows using different types of fabric. Instead of B-13, N-40 or G-55, the caller said Yellow-floral or Green-paisley or Blue-solid. We paid money into our Children's Quilt fund and will make quite a few quilts from the Bingo "cards" that were made. See Pine Belt Quilters blog for November and December for more Bingo pictures.


Jay said...

Martha, I picked up your blog from your letter on SAQA Yahoo groups. Thanks for writing! I loved reading about your cats. I see you are in Hattiesburg, MS. Before we moved to Texas in 1982, we lived in Hernando, MS. I'm going to add you to my blog list so I can enjoy your blog all the time!

Vivian Helena said...

Love the quilt, and looks like the kittens are having a wonderful time with the decorations.. Birthday you say?... congrats. Hope it was a marvelous day with friends/family. It calls for a special celebration. But in all honesty, I would not have thought you are marking a significant date, I thought you were my age or younger. So you indeed have lots to be grateful for and I know that you are. Kittens and all. At some point age is not an issue, other than to get there gracefully, and continue onward with health. hugs, and a big one for the 26th. v

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks for commenting, Jay and Vivian!

Jay, A former Hattiesburg friend now lives in Hernando; I enjoyed presenting a program and workshop there several months ago. Small world. My dad was a Texas highway patrol captain and I lived in Houston, Tyler, Austin, Corpus Christi before moving to MS in 1971. I'm envious of your art group.

Tierney Hogan said...

Very adorable!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Tierney...and I'm glad to meet your studio assistants. Schnauzers are about as cute as cats. But it takes three cats to equal two Schnauzers in entertainment. I love your improvisational piecing!